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Wrestling is Back in the Dog Pound!!!

Wrestling returned to Robichaud this year after not having a team for the last two years. Getting students out for the team was rough at first. We started with 6, then grew to a team of 9. A few students were never able to get their grades and weight under control so they stopped coming. We wrestled our first match in December with 5 athletes.

After we returned to school from winter break we had a team of 6 boys. One got injured and was not allowed to participate anymore and one quit because he had to get a job. We finished the season with 3 boys who worked very hard and earned the benefits that came with being part of the team for the entire season.
The boys who stuck with it and did not give up worked very hard and got into very good shape. There grades were also the best at the end of semester 1 than they had ever been. As a coach I also learned tons and cannot wait for a improved season next year.
Season Records-
Jaquan Jones finished 6-14. He was ranked 7th in the league.
Tim Miles was 3-8. He finished 11th in the league.
Deneral White was 2-13. He finished 16th in the league.