Bulldog Nation




If you could predict a season to go pretty well, this would be the season.  We had many returning players this year and then added a few new faces to help fill a few missing spots in the lineup.  Unfortunately, the season had too many lows and not enough high points to be as successful as we had hoped.

            For the girls we started the season with 8 girls, and ended up with 6 girls to finish the season.  We stumbled when some of our team suffered from academic problems, and other senior obligations.  Our final record in the league was 5 wins and 10 losses, including the final position night loss to Redford Union.  We left a few wins on the table because of missing team members in various parts of the season.  Our team was lead by returning players and graduating seniors Jazlyn White, Kaitlyn Willis, and Eugenia Pitts.  These 3 players who were with me for the past 4 years will be sorely missed.  In our regional event we placed 10 th out of 14 teams.  The best we have done over the past 6 seasons.
            For the boys we started the season with 9 boys and ended with 5 boys due to various reasons.  As a team we had 14 losses, and could not get consistent play from our seniors except for Makale White.  We will be graduating 4 seniors Kory Wells, Makale White, Lawrence James, and Frederick Johnson.  Although the season was disappointing as a team, some of our team members did win several individual matches during our meets.  Makale White who was our anchor during the season won 10 matches out of 28 which is hard to do with the every teams’ best bowler in that position.