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Bulldog Coaches are Geared and Ready for 2015-2016 Seasons

Coaches brought in the new season at Robichaud High School with a phenomenal Professional Development. All coaches were able to discusses how they would help better themselves as a coach and create a successful season for our student athletes on and off of the playing field. We had team building activities, small workshops, etc. Our coaches worked hard and we expect our student athletes to maximize their potential with our coaches. They all left away with the John Wooden Book which is a book not only for coaches, but anyone who is a mentor, teacher or has can make an impact on lives.

Our coaches believe and understand that we will abide by our Six Pillars:

 1.  INTEGRITY– We do what is ethical under all circumstances.

2.  EXCELLENCEWe strive to be our best on and off the field.

3.  RESPECTWe honor and value ourselves and others.

4.  TEAMTogether as one we pursue common goals.

 5.  ACCOUNTABILITYWe will always be accountable for our actions on and off the field.

 6.  COMMITMENTWe give total effort and sacrifice to achieve our purpose.


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