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Bulldogs Announce Inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame

Robichaud would like to announce its Inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2015.


  • To honor former student athletes, coaches, alumni and individuals who helped to make Robichaud High School Athletics what it is today.

Categories and Criteria

1. Category: RHS Student-Athlete. Criteria: Varsity letter winner, and/or All-League, All Area, All-State. Good Character, must be out of RHS minimum of 10 years.

2. Category: RHS Coach. Criteria: Retired from coaching at RHS, length of coaching at RHS, effect on the sport, school and community, win-loss record, conference record, state tournament record.

3. Category: Red and Black: Individual who over the years, 10 years +, has been a strong Supporter of RHS Athletic Program, and has demonstrated it by note worthy contributions to the program.

4. Category: Alumni: Individual who participated in the RHS Athletic Program and has brought pride and recognition to Robichaud High School through other mediums other than athletics; i.e. mayor of Inkster/Dearborn Heights, etc.


Athletic Hall of Fame 2015

  1.  Wilson Walter-Track and Cross Country ’63
  2. John Lucus-Wrestling ’79
  3. Ernie Perich-Tennis ’76
  4.  Willie Smith- Football and track ’73
  5. Ray Carrethers-Basketball, Football and Swimming ’84
  6. Silas McKinnie-Football, Track, Basketball ’64
  7. Tamika (Craig) Carey- Track and Cross Country ’96
  8. Jim Davis-Swimming ’76
  9. Constinantine Alverson- Track ’61
  10. Rita (Harden) Smith- Track and Field ’91
  11. Maurice Love- Football and Basketball ’03
  12. Mary Riley-Basketball ’03
  13. Tyrone Wheatley- Football and Track and Field ’91
  14. Mark Medlock-Football ’84
  15. Garcia McDonnell- Community Supporter-1972-2002
  16. Warren Woods- Coach of Track and Basketball 1996-2009
  17. Mark Woodson- Football and Track ’79
  18. James Hall-Football ’74 
  19. Brice Brock- Cross Country and Track ’82
  20. Robert Yauck Sr.- Football Coach of Football 1970-1998
  21. Jason Malloy- Football and Basketball ’98
  22. Francis McCauley-Coach of Track and Field 1970
  23. Leit Jones- Coach of Track and Football Coach 1970-1998
  24. Jim Hadley- Coach of Tennis, Cross Country 1967- 2014
  25. Robert Yauck Jr.-Football ’78
  26. Jarvis Walker-Basketball ’86
  27. Tyji Armstrong-Football ’88


The committee consists of several former Robichaud Bulldogs.Below is a list of those members.  If you would like to nominate someone or suggestions for next year’s class of 2016, please contact one of the committee members.

Leit Jones, Francis McCauley, Robert Yauck Jr., Al Seder, Jim Hadley and Jamual Bohannon.



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