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Academic Requirements For Athletes


Academic Eligibility Requirements

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Click here to download the eligibility Letters:

1. Athletic Academic Standards Letter 14-15

2. Athletic Academic Standards Letter 13-14 CRUMP


Dear Bulldog Student-Athletes and Parents/Guardians,

Education is the key to your future. In order to help you better reach your goals in life and athletics, Robichaud High School has put in place the following academic eligibility requirements for its athletes:

  • Our district eligibility policy states that student athletes must pass 4 of 6 classes from the previous semester in order to start any sports season. Athletes who do not will be ineligible for the entire season. (see notice below for upcoming change)  The Athletic Department has added the 20% Rule. This rule will allow student athletes who do not meet the school district G.P.A. standard, to still have an opportunity to participate. Student athletes will miss 20% of their season but they will have to maintain a G.P.A. of 1.8 and do not fail a core course anytime during the season. Student athletes will also be required to turn in a progress report every week to the athletic director to continue to be eligible. Failure to do so will cause for dismissal from their current team.
  • Once the season begins student-athletes must maintain a total 1.8 GPA and pass ALL of her/his core classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies) to remain academically eligible.
  • Grades will be checked at every electronic progress report and card marking. Those student athletes that are 20% will have their grades checked each week by their coach and athletic director.
  • Those who drop below the academic requirement will remain ineligible until the next electronic progress report or card marking is posted. Signed academic cards will not make an ineligible athlete eligible.
  • If an athlete does not meet academic eligibility requirements, he/she will be ineligible for all games until standards are met. However, the athlete may continue to participate in study table and practice.
  • All Coaches are required to coordinate and supervise a mandatory three hours of study table per week for all players. Coaches are required to collect academic cards from each player on a weekly basis. Study table will be supervised by coaches and is mandatory for all players.


Jason A. Malloy
Athletic Director

NOTICE: Beginning this winter season 2013-2014, all student athletes will be required to start a sports season with a 1.8 GPA from the previous semester. All of the highlighted portions of this document were added for the 2014-2015 athletic season at Robichaud High School.


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